The video above was shown yesterday during Sony's E3 conference. It is of a game that, until now, we'd thought was about a young woman growing up with weird powers, working her way through a story featuring lots of rain, and emotions.


Then this turns up. And I was half-expecting Hideo Kojima to pop up at the end with a wink.

I almost wish it hadn't been shown, because it's one of the most arresting about-faces I've ever seen for a game's marketing campaign. Just when you thought you'd be controlling a girl growing up with supernatural powers - Sabrina meets Heavy Rain - you suddenly find it's Sabrina meets Heavy Rain meets Jason Bourne.


How amazing would it have been to go into the game, with Indigo Prophecy and Heavy Rain informing your expectations of a Quantic Dream game, to suddenly hit a point with this?

It would have been one hell of a sucker punch. I hope the impact it made yesterday was worth the "spoiler".

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