Wait, Don't Cancel Yet! Check Out What's Coming Soon for Star Wars: The Old Republic

With yesterday's patch 1.1 player-versus-player debacle stemming a flood of threatened account cancellations, BioWare has released a video showing off what the coming months have in store for Star Wars: The Old Republic, in case you choose to stick around.


In case you missed yesterday's story, patch 1.1 basically transformed the high-end PVP planet of Ilum into a slaughterhouse for whichever faction was in the minority on any given server (generally the Republic, because good is dumb). Outraged players called for a rollback (reverting the game to a state before the patch hit) and instead got a quick patch that didn't fix the game to their satisfaction.


Now the players that can find the cancel subscription button on their account page are threatening to cancel their accounts before their first month of free play time is up, the forums are awash with anger, and I'm sure more than a few BioWare developers are feeling very angry and/or sad right now. I feel for them. They're just trying to bring a fun game to the nice people.

Where I would have just taken my game and gone home, BioWare soldiers on, posting a video today outlining what kind of fun and frivolity are heading The Old Republic's way in the next few months. Things like guild banks, PVP rankings, and user interface customization. Other MMOs take these things for granted. Currently they are not granted in The Old Republic, so we can't take them for it. Not for a couple of months.

And there's the oft-mentioned Legacy system, which lets you make an entire Star Wars family complete with special powers. If I didn't already have a server full of alts that would be amazing!

Come on, folks. As a wise man once said, "Things can only get better. O-o-ooo-o-o- o - o - o".

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Haha, Jesus, it's time for our 2-minute Old Republic Hate. I'm keeping my account because it's fun, and judging by the population, I'm severely skeptical that a significant number of people cancelled their account because of a minor snafu in a game that's been out less than a month.