VVVVVV Scratches The Instant Death By Spike Itch

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The creator of the haunting, stylish and far easier Don't Look Back has released the fantastic, fun and frustrating VVVVVV. Should you play this wonderfully creative platformer? Absolutely.


But should you buy it? That's something you'll have an easier time deciding after playing the VVVVVV demo and experiencing the clever gravity switching gameplay that demands quick reflexes and a dose of patience. The spectacular music may make the $15 USD purchase go down easier.

We're working on a review, if you're interested in an opinion on the game beyond the first two levels.

VVVVVV [Official Site]


WhiteMåge is in fact a boy, damnit

As much as I love chiptunes I can't see a game like this warranting that price. I dunno.

The puzzles all seem pretty simple at that, but note that I stopped at the part of hte first level where you have to dodge spikes and then go between spikes, then flip and do the exact same thing. brought back memories of Megaman Network TRansmissions. Y'know, the "I know exactly what to do but it's unforgivingly hard for no good reason" kind of feelings.

Edit: Whoop, managed it in another try and the level ended seconds later. 8 levels and the first is that short? :\