Well, that's certainly one way to foster community-developer relations.

Being a partly community-funded game, supporters of online diving sim World of Diving always had the option to get their ship ideas in the game as explorable underwater wrecks. This wreck, in particular, was thought up by a certain Sgt_Brony, who originally proposed the idea of a Pony wreck in September 2013:

Hi all, names Sgt_Brony and yes I am a Brony and fan of the my litte pony show and am pround of it. What this thread that I making will be for imput ideas for my Kraken perk of designing my very own ship wreck, and you can help. I'll be submitting ideas and what not about my wreck and be looking at imput ideas from you the community, but still remember that it is my ship and the finall outcome will be my descision.

In the months that followed, the idea slowly turned into concept art:


And then, an actual in-game model:


And now, the HMS Tranquility shipwreck is the centerpiece of the game's Stage 0 map, as the trailer shows:

More community-developed wrecks will be coming to World of Diving, which is coming to PC at some point in the future (though pre-order customers can already play an early version).


World of Diving - HMS Tranquility [Vertigo Games@YouTube]

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