Yesterday, you were able to read about the first 400 turns I made in Civilization V. Today, you can tell me what to do next.

You will be able to vote until midnight tonight on how I should try to win my first run through Civilization V's preview press build.


I want more than just a decision on my win condition, because that's not fun enough. I'm playing on the game's second difficulty level, Chieftain, so I doubt I would have much trouble with, say, a Domination victory. Three rival empires have already fallen.

To make things interesting, I want you to also tell me what I should do about the remaining city-states in my virtual Civ V world: Brussels, Stockholm, Kuala Lumpur, Oslo, Bucharest, Lhasa, Edinburgh and Cape Town. I could ally with any of them, wipe them out... you tell me.


Other things you should know:

-China and Russia are both still in play, though my takeover of the Chinese capital leaves just a Russian capital takeover needed for a Domination win. I've never gone to war with the Russians. At turn 400, I'm in the process of invading and seizing Chinese cities, ignoring two pleas from their leader for peace. If you want me to cease fire, you'll have to say so.


-Neither the Russians, the Chinese, nor my empire, the Arabs, have built any of the six spaceship parts needed for the space/science victory. I do have the Apollo Program under construction, but it is not done yet.

-There are currently four votes for me, should I go for a U.N. victory. I would need nine. Eleven are up for grabs.


-I have completed one branch of the minimum five social policy development trees needed for a Cultural victory. I've finished Liberty and am working through Rationalism. The other ones available to me are Tradition, Order, Honor, Freedom, Patronage, or Commerce. To go this route, I'd need to amass lots of culture points.

It is the year 1980. The latest I can win the game is 2050, though it will continue running past that. I think I have up to 100 turns remaining before 2050, though I'm not certain.


Here's how this will work: Vote in the poll up top and then, in the comments section, tell me how you voted and what you want me to do. Over the weekend I will select one of the recommended paths to victory from those that match the victory condition that wins in the poll. Next week, I will tell you how things played out, though, as part of the conditions for having access to this press build, I will not be able to detail every little bit of unit creation or tech tree advancement.

So... what should I do? What should my 401st turn be and beyond?

(The images of this post are taken from my Civ V world from a non-final press preview build, circa turn #400.)