Vote For Your Favorite Comment Right Here

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Hello Kotaku, and welcome to the thread where you pass judgment on the heads of your fellow readers.


Drop a link to the comment you liked from this week down in the new discussion system below. Vote the ones you like up, and I'll pick from popular selections for this week's Best of Kotaku.

Normal rules apply: No self-nominations, no really original submissions like "this comment right here." Let's try to pick the funny and creative ones.

Also, here's a picture of my kitty. Just because.


Chosen Undead

Shame there's pretty much no way to find/remember comments from earlier in the week without digging with a shovel, and there's no way to find comments from the rest of the week without an even bigger shovel, an entire afternoon, and somewhere in the ballpark of 3,000 clicks.

This should be fun... I'll report back if I manage to dig something up without getting lost in an endless forest of branches.