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Alrighty! We've picked out favorite Don Kingisms (sorry, instupetuous is a real word) , and now it's your turn to pick your favorite. Here's how it works: In the comments section write the number of the Kingism you think should win — and only the number. Voting twice will cause both your votes to become null. The voting cut-off is tonight at midnight Kotaku Time. Hit the jump for the Don Kingisms!

1. Schwall20 writes: Splendificent. Splendid and magnificent. "Bringin the pain rollin with the punches and making the sun set. Sun rises on only the SPLENDIFICENT athletes, cause they are the circling moon in the ring."

2. Ranni writes: Punchitude - Like an attitude, except more punching.

3. Donziburichan writes: Fansentational (Fantastic, Sensual, Sensational) "This fight will be so fansentational that not only will everyone be in a state of shock and awe, but even my hair will have to bow down to its greatness."

4. Erignamatic writes: Impactacious - "His punches are so impactacious, he leaves a crater where his opponent's face used to be!"

5. Neo_Deus writes: Somnambulicious: (Somnambulate + Delicious) Used to describe a food so good that you cannot help but eat a lot, resulting in a food coma while you are still moving around.

6. Masterdingo writes: Americabulosity - Something that occurs that is so amazing / fabulous that it could have only happened in America.

ex. When Don King was asked about his past, he was

(pseudo) quoted as saying, "If a man can be let off from second degree murder and go on to exploit his own race and at the same time make a mockery of the English language, that fills me with a deep and abiding sense of Americabulosity."

7. BigJDawg319 writes: Hostimosity (n): Not just hostility, not just animosity, Hostimosity!

"When playing my game, you'd better fight with the hostimosity of 3 fighters, or you're gonna kiss the canvas!"

8. DoesNotEqual writes: I was only gonna contribute one, but in reference to Crecente's Fruit Fucker Spore creature:

It's excellent, it's gross; it's "groscelent!"


9. Ptolemy writes: Ostentacular - being ostentatious and spectacular at the very same time

I was going to go balls out and use this:


... but I don't think anyone would get the pronunciation.


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