Voltron Is Taking Video Game Form

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The combined might of the Voltron license and the publishing powers of THQ will bring the 80s cartoon to video game form this year, according to a report from Variety.


The quintet of mechanical space lions that form Voltron will be part of a "series" of video games that aims to revitalize the franchise alongside a new animated TV show, Voltron Force, slated to air on Nickelodeon. No details yet on developer, platforms or release date, but Variety says to expect giant robot lions later this fall.

If you simply cannot wait to play a Voltron video game, Sony Pictures Television released an iPhone game back in 2009.

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It will be terrible. I will hate it. It will be as bad as the live action Thunderbirds. It's the worst idea I've ever heard. I will buy 10 copies. Also...