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Free VOIP hit EverQuest II and Star Wars Galaxies today. Station Voice uses Vivox to allow players to talk to each other in online games. The service currently will allow players to talk person-to-person with any microphone and headset combo, chat with their party, guild or any group, moderator controls and individual mute and volume settings all running on Vivox servers to cut down on bandwidth issues. Sony Online Entertainment says the free service will be coming to EverQuest players next month, also for free. They also plan to use the voice chatting service in their upcoming massively multiplayer game The Agency and other current and future titles. SOE first announced the new service back in February, saying that it would also include in-game voicemail, voice masking and multiple channels. What happened?Sony Online Entertainment says they're planning on implementing other Vivox services laster this year, including those fancy "voice fonts." "In-game voice chat is an enhanced new feature gamers of all levels can enjoy. Now, SOE's players can easily talk to one another and better enjoy the online gaming experience," said John Smedley, president of Sony Online Entertainment. "The integration of Station Voice into these initial games was seamless, and we look forward to incorporating this added gaming experience into other SOE titles, as well as implementing the next phase of features to come soon." Someone who plays either of the games should let us know how it's looking today, now that the service is live.

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