Voice Actress Gives Pin-Up Modeling One Last Shot?

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In January 2010, voice actress Chiaki Takahashi blogged that she was releasing one more book of pin-up pictures and then calling it a day. She was retiring from cheese cake modeling. If recent news is to be believed, Takahashi is coming back.

Known for her voice work in fighting game BlazBlue and sim The Idolmaster, Takahashi tried her hand (face?) at modeling in Maxim-type men's magazines. This isn't uncommon for Japanese voice actresses, who are able to build up a fan base through photo books and glossy spreads.

On her blog, Takahashi announced in 2010 that she was retiring from cheese cake modeling. She gave pin-up modeling a go, but says she realized, "I am not a pin-up model". She also noted that like many other pin-up models who begin voice acting, she is a voice actress who simply went into modeling.


Her photobook "Juicy" was to be her last. However, there are reports that a year after retiring, Takahashi is releasing another photo book. If true, this wouldn't be the first duplicity from Takahashi. In her previous layouts, the 33-year-old's age was listed as 23 years-old - of which game and anime fans constantly reminded her.

グラビアを卒業したはずのたかはし智秋の写真集が再び登場 おた☆スケ -おたくのスケジュール帳- via オレ的ゲーム情報] [NSFW Pic]

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