In-Store | TOKYO, JAPAN: Vita pre-orders start this weekend in Japan. (Photo: @AT_Coo | Twitpic)

Grand Theft Auto III Getting Android and iPhone 4S Versions, Pricey Action Figure

Rockstar Games revealed today that it would be honoring Grand Theft Auto III's 10th anniversary with a special edition. Later this fall, it's coming to an array of portable devices for Android, but fewer ones for iOS. More »


Assassin's Creed Heavily Inspires Indian Movie. Blows Our Minds.

Indian films are famous for their dance numbers. Tamil super hero flick Velayudham has them in spades. It also has what looks either Ezio or Altair from the Assassin's Creed games-make that, really looks. More »


Crafty Man Builds Mass Effect Sniper Rifle

Prop builder Zander Brandt figured the world was short on replica M-29 Incisor rifles from Mass Effect 2. So he went and made one.
The Incisor is one of the sniper rifles available in the game, and for most of it was my go-to weapon; More »


One of Japan's Weirdest Games Cosplayed Before Your Eyes

PlayStation 2 title Super Galdelic Hour is nuts. It features females dressed as animals on a game show playing whack-a-mole with giant suckers and throwing pies in each others' faces. More »


The Greatest Arcade Cabinet That Never Was

Around the turn of the millennium, Namco showed off an arcade game that looked like it had fallen out of the 22nd century. Housed in a giant cabinet called O.R.B.S., it was a sequel to old-school shooter Star Blade, and could have been just the kind of thing the dying arcade scene was in need... More »


Meet the Queen of Akihabara. She Loves Nerds Like You.

Know what makes Halko Momoi so damn cool? It's not only that she changed her first name's spelling because of 2001's HAL 9000 and the Nintendo game maker, Hal. More »

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