Today was video day for Bungie and the Halo: Reach multiplayer beta, which begins in a week. The studio dropped 13 minutes of raw footage showing several of the available modes.

Yeah, I probably should chop it up, but believe me, technical difficulties on my end are why this thing is so late in the first place. Instead, here's a handy timestamp guide.

0:00 - Video begins with new game mode Invasion on the Boneyard map.
3:50 - Still on Boneyard, but now Invasion Slayer - which is a 6-on-6 Elites vs. Spartans team deathmatch, basically.
5:20 - Powerhouse map, Slayer game.
7:56 - Powerhouse map, Stockpile game. Stockpile's a capture-the-flag variant.
8:38 - Swordbase map, Capture the Flag.
9:17 - Swordbase, Oddball.
10:10 - Swordbase, Stockpile.
12:06 - Swordbase, Slayer.


What's not in here? Generator defense on Overlook, for one. No Headhunter either. But there's plenty of great shots showing assassinations, armor abilities and other new features of the game. For a guide to what you're looking at, be sure to check out our Halo: Reach Multiplayer Preview from last week.

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