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Visual Guides To All Bosses Of Warlords of Draenor's Second Raid

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

World of Warcraft's second level 100 raid, Blackrock Foundry, finally opened its gates on every difficulty, which means the race between top guilds is on again. The mechanics can be tough, but Line of Sight Gaming's two-minute guides are excellent for learning the basics so that you can jump in, too.

Short, easy-to-understand clips and unique visuals that transform the boss fights into something similar to board game actually help a lot, which sadly cannot be said of most guides.

The raid is relatively large with its 10 new bosses—you can find all the clips on their YouTube channel. Here are some highlights:

Gruul, the one-eyed gronn overlord, is a returning boss from The Burning Crusade era with slightly different mechanics. But since he's one of the first bosses you and your guild might encounter, knowing how to beat him is essential:


The Oregorger fight is more reminiscent of a minigame rather than a traditional MMO fight, but then again, every major raid in the game needs an odd boss fight—just remember the Gunship Battle in Icecrown or the Chess Event in Karazhan:



And these are some of the hardest bosses and their visual guides below. As of today only two guilds, Midwinter and Paragon, defeated The Iron Maidens on Mythic difficulty, and no one completed The Blast Furnace or killed Blackhand, the final boss, yet:

The Iron Maidens

The Blast Furnace


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