Fresh off the release of Dante's Inferno and with plenty of time between now Dead Space 2's release, developer Visceral Games has other unannounced titles in the works for Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network to keep them busy.

Visceral general manager Nick Earl tells Gamasutra that the developer famed for its Dead Space games has "smaller efforts under way and direct-to-consumer efforts on XBLA and PSN," some "interesting offerings over this year and next that show our confidence in the space."


That sounds like those rumored Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network games that a source told us about recently, a high-def port of Wii game Dead Space: Extraction and a resource management game dubbed Planet Cracker. But since EA told us that was still just a "rumor," that's what we're calling it.

Earl notes that Visceral "also [does] some PC work as well," hopefully a positive indicator that Dead Space 2 for the PC gamer hasn't been jettisoned into space.

A Distinct Vision: Nick Earl And Visceral Games [Gamasutra via Joystiq]

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