Virtual Worlds Getting Ready To Explode

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Sure, laugh when I tell you that I spent the better part of last night DJing a virtual wedding in Second Life, but the next wedding I DJ could be yours. In a report released today titled ""Market Forecasts for Virtual World Experiences", Strategy Analytics predicts that over the course of the next decade, 22 percent of broadband users around the world will be subscribed to one or more virtual worlds.

"Despite a multitude of challenges, virtual worlds present a unique marketing opportunity to target a highly sought demographic, and virtual worlds should be part of a company's marketing portfolio," according to Harvey Cohen, President of Strategy Analytics.


Hear that? You might as well sign up now. Go ahead and IM Caliban Karas on SL if you need to know where to pick up your furry avatar.

Study: One Billion Virtual World Users in Next 10 Years [GameDaily]



Heh. Sorry to say this, but if you still think "virtual world" and "MMORPG" mean the same thing, you'll end up sounding like your grandpa who believes DSL and Cable are the same thing. You roll your eyes, but to him they both connect to the Internet at a fast speed, so what's the difference? Just because a virtual world looks like an MMO doesn't mean they're the same thing.

It's okay though, not a large portion of the Earth is made up of Innovators and Early Adopters. When the Early Majority start hitting virtual worlds the analysts will have their comeuppance.

(Read about the innovation curve here, it's short and accurate.)