"Virtual reality really is going to take over the world... it was better than real life—people will get lost in this and not want to leave." Indie developer Lee Vermeulen, in a blog post about his experience with Valve's Virtual Reality tech at Steam Dev Days.


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As much of a dreamer as I am, I think my ties to physical reality are too strong to lose myself to virtual reality. I'd rather live in an augmented reality, straddling the line between physical and digital.

As an example:

I'm out and about and remark to a friend about a cool film poster I'd just seen. They look over in that direction and instead see a poster advertising new products in a line of clothing they've bought before. After a second I realise, and share the poster I'd seen with them. They agree it looks cool, and with a couple of touches to a virtual keyboard projected in front of my fingers I book us two tickets for a showing that same day. The cost is deducted from my e-wallet and we carry on with our shopping, a reminder floating at the edge of my vision for when we have to be at the cinema.