While Hatsune Miku has been used in awkward American Toyota ads, the virtual idol is getting her own Daihatsu car in Japan. Like, an official car.

As seen on website Monoist, the "Snow Miku" Daihatsu Cocoa is emblazoned with a Snow Miku logo, steering wheel, roof bars and seats. "Snow Miku" is the ice sculpture version of the virtual idol that appears at the Sapporo Snow Festival in Hokkaido, Japan.


And thus, this Daihatsu is limited to sell only in Hokkaido. Makes sense! But best of all, there's actually an ad for this car.

新型「ミラ ココア」の北海道限定モデル「雪ミク ココア」は渾身の一作 [Monoist]

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