Viral Dance Video Recreated In Disco Elysium

Gif: ZA/UM / Casey Frey

Back in May of 2019, a video was uploaded to the internet. The video, titled “Get tf out of my way type way,” was perfect. It became popular, racked up millions of views, and went viral on Twitter and elsewhere. And now, that amazing video has been recreated in Disco Elysium by a developer who worked on the game.

First, here’s the original video if you haven’t seen it before. Or maybe you have seen it before and just want to watch it again. I understand. I’ve already rewatched it three times.

Timo Albert, a motion graphics designer at Disco Elysium developer ZA/UM Studios, uploaded a video this morning that recreated the original hit video from Casey Frey. It’s a damn near perfect recreation built using only characters and assets from the game.


I was worried that the lack of close-ups might make it less great, but nope. In fact, I found this digital recreation to be useful in helping me fully understand the layout of where the different characters were located during various points in the original YouTube video.

Casey Frey retweeted and responded to the remake an hour or so after it went live, joking that the video felt “invasive.”

2020 sucks, but at least we got this.

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