SQUEEEEeeeeeaaalll! KErrrrrr—UNCH! That is the sound of Vigilante 8 metaphorically skidding off the road from Isopod Labs to the Microsoft XBLA testing facility. It is now being towed back home by a metaphorical recovery vehicle. Last month Isopod were all smiles when they sent their game off to XBLA, but sadly the game has run into some problems. Microsoft found a couple of bugs in one of it's own code libraries and the game has had to be changed and then resubmitted for more tests. As Isopod say on the game's dev blog - "We certainly wish it was a quicker process, but this is how the cookie crumbles - not much else to do." In the meantime, they recommend you check out Castle Crashers - good advice in any event. Dev Update #5 [V8Arcade.com]