Video Rental Coming To PS3 Tonight

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Click to viewSony's hooked up with Warner, Fox, Lion's Gate, Disney, MGM and others to bring video rental to the PS3. Video is set to be fully integrated into the PlayStation Store, said Sony's Jack Tretton at the company's E3 press event.


A video button in the PlayStation Store will have separate categories for TV and film to choose from, and movies can also be listed by studio. The Eye and Reservoir Dogs were seen in the store during the demonstration, though currently 85 are available for rental in standard definition.

According to PSN's Eric Lempel, it takes about an hour to download one of the rented films. Price points vary too - $15 to purchase, $6 to rent in HD, and $4 to rent in SD.

The AVC-format videos downloaded to PS3 can also be transferred to the PSP via a USB cable.

The service launches tonight!



@bohn002: When was the last time you went to an actual brick and mortar? Last I was in one was years ago, but even then most places ran deals and specials where you could get like two rentals at two bucks a piece. I imagine they've only gotten cheaper to compete with online services. Also, I find it hard to believe, even with prices what they are, that ANYONE in this country has to spend $10 in gas to get to a video store. I grew up in backwater New Hampshire and I've never, in my life, lived more than a five minute drive from a video store. Right now, living in the city, I'm about a five minute WALK from three different ones.

@Bleentastic sees bandwagon and jumps: Not by enough to justify it. At Best Buy and Circuit City, new releases are generally between $15 and $20 first week of release and that's for a physical copy with bonus features. $15 is pretty ludicrous for a digital download, especially when most PS3 and 360 owners are tech savvy enough to get them via less legal means. If these companies want to beat piracy, they need to learn to distribute their product at a reasonable price point. All this from someone who's a huge proponent of digital distribution. I think that downloads, rather than HD physical media, IS the future. Unfortunately, some companies can't wrap their head around a proper pricing point. Mark my words, this is going to be a niche on the PS3 that will probably never go anywhere. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if that's exactly what Sony is counting on considering the amount of cash they've sunk into Blu Ray.