Yesterday, I spent an inordinate amount of time messing around with the nifty new photo mode in Infamous: Second Son. It's surprisingly rare that we get that kind of opportunity to slow way down and really appreciate how beautiful video games can be.

As I tried my hand at in-game photography, I was regularly reminded of Dead End Thrills' screenshot-master Duncan Harris, and how totally much better he is at this stuff than I am. I like running semi-regular samples of his work here, and thought I'd link to a few of my favorites among the things we've recently run.

Let's see: There was this collection of superlative shots of Dark Souls, which underlined how fantastic the art direction in that game was. There was this gallery of black and white shots taken from GTA IV that looked damn near realistic. There was this collection from the beloved-by-a-cult-of-me classic Enslaved, those amazing Skywind shots, and some really cool shots from the frontlines of DayZ.

And of course, so many more over at the Dead End Thrills site. And if you're looking for even more visual video game splendor, check out our own new "Screenburn" sub-site, which John has been loading up with gold for several weeks now.