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Video Games, Strippers & Goldman Sachs

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Carrianne Howard wanted to design video games, so she enrolled in a course at a for-profit college. She's ended up as a stripper.

Why? Becuse despite lofty promises made by the college, the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale (which is part-owned by disgraced financial giants Goldman Sachs), she never found work as a games designer. She did find a bit of work as a gaming industry recruitment consultant, but then that dried up, and now, she's a stripper.


What happened beyond that, we don't know. Maybe she sucked as a games designer. Maybe she's an amazing stripper. Whichever the case, the main point here is not Carrianne's workplace skills, but on the perils of enrolling in these small, often shady institutions.

Her degree cost $70,000, and has got her, well, stripping. That's not good value for money, and is the moral of a larger piece on Bloomberg calling out the money-grubbing tactics of these colleges, which in many cases put profit before education. If a course at one of them has your eye, be warned. Especially if you don't have an ass for stripping.


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