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Financial publication Forbes takes a look at some of the things people are still willing to spend money on in the face of the recession, and of course, our favorite hobby makes the cut.


The economy might be tanking, but we still need our stuff. Without our stuff, what would we be? Stuffless...and no one wants that. Forbes details 10 of the stuffs that people are still willing to hand over their precious, precious money for. Video games were the second item on their list, right after smart phones.

Consumers today desire affordable escapism, and video games fall into that category. Two top-selling games—"Madden NFL '09" and the "Wii Fit"—sold 5 million units combined in the third quarter of 2008, according to NPD.

Other items that made the list include toy building sets, car maintenance items, and personal hygiene items. I never thought I would see video games in the same list as personal hygiene items, but there you go.

Ten Things We're Still Buying [ - Thanks Josh!]

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