"Video Games Are Not Toasters"

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An EU proposal is calling for a two year guarantee on video games. That means games would be expected to be "near perfect" (no bugs, no glitches, etc).


Retailers in Europe do not have to give refunds on bug-killing games, and currently, licensed software is exempt from EU legislation that requires companies to offer "a minimum 2-year guarantee on tangible movable consumer goods". The new proposal would encompass game software.

The concern is that this proposal could "stifle" creativity and video games and make developers overly cautious. According to the Business Software Alliance, which represents software companies like Apple and Microsoft, "Digital content is not a tangible good and should not be subject to the same liability rules as toasters." And patches, don't forget about the post launch game patches — buttery toast, too, don't forget that!

EU proposal could 'stifle' games [BBC Thanks, Lyndon]



So... somehow, making sure that games are released in a playable and workable state, like any good consumer good... stifles creativity? Someone please explain that one to me.