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GameDaily reports that Michael Klotz, senior account manager at the NPD Group, says the video games industry is already feeling the effects of the recession.


Gee, I could have told you that, looking at the list of recent industry layoffs. But Klotz pointed out in a Game Business Law summit at Southern Methodist University’s law school that spending on games hasn’t gone down – one out of every four American dollars is still spent on games. Rather, the rate of growth is decreasing; the 9, 12 and 8% increases in August, October and November should have been way higher, according to Klotz.


"The game industry is growing, but it has been impacted by the recession," he said. "We probably would have seen even more growth if it hadn't been impacted by the current economic climate in the U.S."

Games Already in Recession, says NPD [GameDaily]

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