Video Game Store For Sale On eBay

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Ever wanted to own your own games store? Well, you can buy one on eBay - or the inventory of one set to close on Sept. 1 in Grand Junction, Colo. The owner ships it free up to 750 miles.


All of the stock, valued at $60,000 is used, but you can Buy It Now! for $30,000 (GameStop bid $20, or $35 in store credit. But that's $36.75 with an Edge card!) Games and consoles cover practically all generations of Nintendo and PlayStation machines, plus the Xbox and Xbox 360. "There is enough inventory to start your own store or add to your existing business."

Or, if you live in Junction, you can just buy the business and take it over intact. But I'm guessing this guy's decision to throw in the towel says enough about the prospects of an independent used games store there.

Still, $60,000 worth of used games - you know what would be awesome? If there was a copy of Stadium Events in there. And that saved the store. Hell, that's like a movie treatment right there.

VIDEO GAME STORE [eBay via Hot Blooded Gaming]



-Buy shop.

-Buy "We're closed" sign.

-Go to shop every afternoon after work.

-"Close" shop.

-Strip naked.

-Sit down on only chair in shop behind the counter.

-Whisper "this is my kingdom".

-Jerk off.

-Smile like a lunatic.

-Be happy about life.