Video Game Reviewers "Lazy" Says AIAS President

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Joseph Olin, president of the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences, thinks game reviewers are lazy. The head of the AIAS — the body that organizes both the D.I.C.E. Summit and Interactive Achievement Awards annually — points to a glut of critics, but little in the way of critical analysis according to a Shacknews report. "How can you review a game, how can you give a comment about a game like Grand Theft Auto IV, that has 40-plus hours or more of gameplay, if you've only spent 2 1/2 to 3 hours playing it," Olin asks, saying that a reliance on game scores and deadline focused reviews do readers a disservice. Olin excludes some game reviewers, whom we'll assume to include us, as we've shunned review scores and aim to "finish" a game before reviewing it, even if it means running a later review. Just sayin'. AIAS President: 'Game Reviewers Are Lazy' [Shacknews]


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Lazy Smurf pwns, but honestly Ive been saying the same thing for a long time. How can game reviewers give a game a proper score when they have to meet deadlines and dont really get to enjoy the game. I usually go for reader reviews and read the good and the bad. No better reviews than the people who have to actually pay for the game.