Video Game On Demand Service Adds $10 Plan

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Streaming video game service OnLive plans to start offering a flat-rate video game plan for their on demand service starting next month, the company said today.

The PlayPack, already available in beta to OnLive Game System owners, will cost $9.99 a month and launch to all OnLive members on Jan. 15.

The PlayPack joins the already available 3- and 5-day rentals and Full PlayPass pay options. The company says the new plan comes as they start to ship the $99 Onlive Game System to customers.


The PlayPack option only grants access to a selection of games, a library the company says they plan to expand. Currently that library includes about 40 games. Among the titles are:

· Prince of Persia, Ubisoft
· NBA 2K10, 2K Sports
· Tomb Raider: Underworld, Square-Enix
· F.E.A.R. 2, Warner Bros
· Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X., Ubisoft
· Unreal Tournament 3, Epic
· Vin Diesel Wheelman, Ubisoft
· LEGO Batman™, Warner Bros
· Defense Grid Gold, Hidden Path
· Saw, Konami
· World of Goo, 2D Boy

OnLive service allows gamers to instantly play available games on their TV with the OnLive Game System or on a PC or Mac.

"OnLive's new PlayPack plan is another example of unique value and convenience unlocked through cloud gaming technology," said Steve Perlman, founder and CEO of OnLive. "People love flat-rate plans for instant-play media, so it's exciting to introduce this offering to the video game market for the first time. With PlayPass games priced from $3.99 to $49.99, along with the new $9.99/mo PlayPack plan, OnLive's growing library of games will suit any budget and any type of gamer, from casual to hardcore."

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Good move on their part, i'd say — starting to shape up.

That being said, i will probably remain against this — secretly hoping that it fails miserably.


This may sound ranty, but it's yet another system that takes control away from the user. I understand who this may apply to, etc, but no.

Mods, addons, community projects/creations, skins, weapons, maps.. all gone. The consoles started this trend and now these services risk putting the final nails on the coffin.

Rant over. :)