Video Game Industry: Made Of Money?

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A comprehensive article at SeekingAlpha by Bruce Everiss, who was part of both Imagine and Codemasters in their start-up days, calls the video game industry "one of the most attractive areas to invest," a worthy commendation given the arguably challenging state of the U.S. market. Everiss says that even in tough times, the game industry is set to keep growing:

And the industry is still at its very beginning, it will grow to be bigger than movies and TV combined as it leverages its key advantages of interactivity, connectivity and non linearity.


Notably, he also opines that from a market perspective, both Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 are "both a fair way from peaking in their product cycles" - but at the same time, he also states the Wii is "not worth developing for," and "near the end of its lifecycle." Ouch.

Video Game Industry: One of the Most Attractive Areas to Invest [SeekingAlpha]

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I have more Wii games and VC games than either of the other two consoles this generation. Games like RE4 did great because they took advantage of the system's capabilities, despite it originally being a Gamecube game. On the other side, the half hearted attempt at SC Legends was a failure because of bad design.

The naysayers don't bother me, however. I'll be laughing yet again as Nintendo surprises everyone yet again.