Video Game Industry Has $1.2 Billion April, Confirms It's Made Of Money

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According to the latest NPD Group sales data, April 2008 was pretty darn good for the video game industry, with $1.23 billion dollars in sales in the United States. Yes, cigars are being lit with hundreds, champagne corks are being sabered and who knows what's being snorted off what based on the news. Oh, a refreshing Coors Light may even be knocked back. That billion-plus April is a big improvement—47% to be exact—over the previous April, which saw a paltry $839 million sum from American consumers. April's billion and change take contributes to a year-to-date $5.47 billion for the industry so far. In case you're wondering that's a lot of money.


Here's how it all breaks down. Brace yourself for more millions and more percentage growth talk.

  • Hardware - $426.2 million (+26%)
  • Software - $654.7 million (+68%)
  • Accessories - $154 million (+39%)

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I may not be able to afford gas, but i sure as fuck can buy MGS4 when it comes out.

That percentage for accessories is bigger than i ever would have thought it would be.

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