Video Game Charity Raises Over $2 Million For Sick Kids

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Child's Play - a charity founded by Penny Arcade's Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins - managed to raise over $2 million during the course of 2010. Amazing.

The charity, which is geared at providing entertainment (video games in particular) for kids stuck in hospital, brought in $2,294,317 from various events, functions and donations over the year, which is impressive in its own right. Consider that it brings Child's Play's lifetime earnings to nearly $10 million and it's something to be marvelled at.

While much of that tally is made up of individual donations, some notable big-time givers include the Humble Indie Bundle crew ($300,000), the Desert Bus For Hope Marathon ($207,000) and Microsoft's "Fate of Carmine" event ($150,000).


Child's Play Raises Over $2 Million In 2010 [Gamasutra]

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See, this is why we Pirate games and buy Used. It's so we can give more to charity!

Hooray for gamers!