Comparing a Beautiful Racing Game With... Real Life

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I guess when your game looks that good, you're limited when it comes to comparisons.

YouTuber ADRIANF1esp, to showcase the graphics of— you guessed itProject CARS, took camera footage of a BMW doing a lap on the Laguna Seca Raceway, and put it next to an in-game run on the same track, using the same car. The result is the video below:

The real-life footage appears to have been taken with a low-resolution camera, which is a shame, certainly. It kinda-sorta makes real life look worse in comparison. Still, it's a great watch! Spotting all the differences is fun, too.


Project CARS vs Real Life [ADRIANF1esp@YouTube, via DSOGaming]

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If this game plays anywhere near as good as it looks, it will do more to advance the gaming medium than all the "art games" in existence combined.