Vesperia Fashion In Tales of Graces

Siliconera reports that Tales of Graces pre-order customers score Tales of Vesperia downloadable content in the form of three fashionable costumes.

In this blurry YouTube vid, you can clearly see Graces' lead character Asbel sporting a Yuri Lowell outfit. Far cuter is the Rita Mordio getup that goes to Sheria, but sadly you can hardly see it. Oh, and Patty the pirate gets a little DLC love too.


While we're on the subject of Graces, check out some new screen shots Game Watch picked up today.

First Tales of Graces DLC Is For Vesperia Costumes [Siliconera]

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Foxstar loves Bashcraft

I'll wait till I know if Namco's gonna pull it's 'lolport' crap again. #talesofgraces