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In Stardew Valley, you can date in-game characters and get married. In a move that critics (me) are already calling The Sweetest Gosh-Darn Thing, one guy modded the game so that his real-life fiancée was a marriage option.

TimothyBBurns decided to recreate his fiancée in Stardew Valley to brighten up her day while she slew that most dreaded of beasts, Finals:

“My Fiancee was having a hard time with finals (in her last term before we both start grad school), so I wanted to put a smile on her face,” Burns wrote. “I always joked that I was cheating on her with [Stardew Valley character] Penny. But since Amber was going to school to be a teacher, I fell in love with Penny. So while she was at class one day I edited the sprite sheet and text in game to make her my wife in game. I also started working on changing her gift tastes to make it so it fit more to her in real life. Loves cheese, hates most vegetables.”


“All in all it was a fun little project,” he added. “I can’t wait till there is more modding in the game though, would love to really get more than just a sprite replacement and basic changes.”

How to be a rad partner: do stuff like this.

Burns’ mod does touch on something beyond the rhythmic pulse of perfect love that beats in the heart of the universe if we’re just brave enough to let it, though. I don’t know about you, but there have been times where I’ve felt a little weird romancing the heck out of characters in games like Dragon Age and Mass Effect while actively involved in a relationship.


Not in, like, a cheating way, but in the sense that I hope my partner doesn’t walk in on me sweet-talking vaguely human-shaped pixel blobs while (SECRETLY) feeling very real feelings that may or may not be making up for something that is missing in our relationship. It wouldn’t even be bad, but it certainly has the makings of one of those, “What are you doing, honey?” “NOTHING I AM DOING NOTHING” moments. Then again, I once dated a girl who liked giving me romantic advice in The Witcher, so I guess it really depends on the person!

At any rate, Burns’ Stardew Valley mod is great, and I implore you all to constantly be thinking, “Now what video game can I put my significant other into?” Unless it’s, like, a really weird porn game or something. Maybe, uh, make sure you’re both on the same page before doing that.


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