Peter Chung, creator of the avant garde sci-fi cartoon Aeon Flux, is signed up with SouthPeak Games to pen a 15-page Velvet Assassin digital graphic novel.

The comic will be available as an exclusive bonus item for people who get the game at GameStop.

The events in the comic will cover the life of Velvet Assassin Violette Summer up to the point where she joined the war effort as an undercover agent. Summer's exploits in the video game are based loosely on the real-life efforts of Allied secret agent Violette Szabo. It's not clear if Chung's comic with follow suit or make up an original backstory for Summer.

Chung's character designs have always been solid — but after what he did to the life of Alexander the Great, I'm a little worried. I'll run screaming from the room at the first sign of a codpiece.

Velvet Assassin comes out on Xbox 360 and PC April 14. Check out my impressions from a few months back.