Variety Troubled By Sid Meier's Next Game

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Sid Meier, how can you still be making games about colonization?

Variety reporter Ben Fritz knows that Sid Meier made a Colonization game back in the day. And he knows that the new one, the upcoming Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization, won't quite force you to sail to a new land so you can kill all the natives and screw them with the exchange rate.


But he's troubled. He's spent a good amount of time on his blog to show that he's thought this through. Colonization was and is racist and appalling, he states. He doesn't call for a ban. He's a First Amendment guy. But he does call for a reaction.

Goddamit, am I the only one who think it's morally disturbing to make a game that celebrates COLONIZATION?

Bonus reader challenge: Reply to this post, pro or con, without using the old conversation-stopper: "It's just a game."

Civilization IV: Colonization... Wow that looks offensive [Variety's The Cut Scene Blog]


@z0phi3l: You're saying that because you're a conservative. To you, you're a centrist. To the rest of the world (and yes, I said "world"), you're a right-wing fascist.

I'm not sure why conservatives look at stuff like this and automatically scream "liberal!" I guess anything that they disagree with gets that blanket term. If it doesn't involve nuking terrorists or invading other countries, they don't want to hear about it - it's "liberal", which to them means "bad".

First of all, liberal is no more a dirty word than conservative. And you know what? The opposite of colonialism is not liberalism. In fact, you've got it backwards. True conservatives, both today and throughout history, did not and do not believe in either nation-building or in ruling far-off lands by fiat. Our founding fathers sure did not believe in colonization or we would still be flying the British flag. Does that make them "liberals"? Remember that they weren't the ones who colonized America in the first place - those guys were long since dead. You're saying the guys who fought the revolution against the British were a bunch of weak-kneed liberals? This is your position?

As for the game, I'm not offended by it... but it's amazing to see the perspective in here, or lack thereof. I guess that's what 8 years of neo-con government buys you. No doubt some of the commenters here so far are too young to even remember a country run any other way (in other words, properly).