Perhaps you've heard that PS Vita game Muramasa Rebirth is getting new downloadable content? It looks to be an eyeful.

Note: This article contains content that some readers might find objectionable.

Talking about the DLC, which is titled Muramasa Rebirth: Genroku Legends, Vanillaware's official Twitter account tweeted out the below image earlier today:

Here's it with the dramatic manga-style lines that Vanillaware included in the tweeted image.

Just let that sink in a moment. Okay. Ready?

According to Vanillaware, the name of this creature (née yokai) is "Shirime" (尻目), which is an idiom that can mean, "disregard" or "give someone a contemptuous glance." However, Vanillaware is using the term literally: "shiri" (尻) means "butt" and "me" (目) means "eye." That's right, this is Ass Eye!


As Kotaku commenter MrHan points out, this is a creature from Japanese mythology. So while Vanillaware didn't create it, the studio sure gave Shirime its usual flair.

のっぺら坊の一種で一応由緒ある妖怪です。 [Vanillaware_boy Thanks, MrHan!]

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