A less tenacious, more sensible MMO company would have long left Vanguard exposed on the side of a mountain to languish until death, but not our friends at Sony Online Entertainment. No, big things are in store for Vanguard: Saga of Heroes, starting with a brand new starting area and updated character models that could be out as early as this week. Taking a cue from Everquest 2, they'll be launching a new starting area that doubles as a trial version of the game called the Isle of Dawn. Subscribers will be able to choose from their race's starting area or the Isle, which allows players to adventure up to level 10 before moving on, or in the case of free trial players, forking out some cash. Also included in the update will be the eagerly anticipated new character models, which promise to make the men manlier and the women not-quite-as-manly, which is always a good thing, unlike releasing an update for your floundering MMO weeks before the release of Warhammer Online, and while thousands of bug fixes sounds like a good thing, it does pretty much indicate thousands of bugs to be fixed. Hrm. Get Ready for Game Update 6! [Vanguard Players via Eurogamer]