Valykyria Chronicles Getting Triple Deployment Of DLC

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Sega's PlayStation 3 exclusive tactical role-playing game Valkyria Chronicles is calling in reinforcements soon, with three separate packs of downloadble content soon bolstering the ranks.


Two entirely new missions and a Hard EX mode add new life one of the most under appreciated titles on the PlayStation 3. Edy's Mission "Enter The Edy Detachment" follows a group of six Gallia soldiers as they seek to rescue a village under siege by the Imperials. Selvaria's Mission "Behind Her Blue Flame" actually puts players in the shoes of a young Imperial engineer named Johann, allowing them to see how the war unfolds from the enemy's point of view.

Hard EX mode is just what it sounds like. The enemies are extra tough, and you don't have the Edelweiss tank to back you up.

No word on pricing and availability, other than the rather vague "this spring". Still, this spring is much better than never. It's a scientific fact.


VC is really, really good. The dmeo bumped Bioshock off my must-buy list last fall, and due to the glut of awesome that we were deluged with last winter (Fallout, PoP, LBP, Persona 4) I was continually dragged away from it to other, higher-profile titles.

But unlike those other titles, every time I went back to Valkyria I would say to myself "God, this is an amazing game." Every time. Every mission, every new plot twist.

Do yourself a favor - if you haven't already, try the demo.