Valve's Hardware Could Be Playable As Early As Next Year

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Valve's Jeri Ellsworth has told Engadget that the company has begun extensive internal beta testing of gaming hardware it's been working on, and that the public might be able to get their hands on the stuff as early as next year.

Apparently Valve's already got a "production line" in place for small runs of hardware, which would enable select groups of people to test out new gear in a beta and, after feedback, allow Valve to make any changes necessary.

So what exactly would this hardware be? Who knows. It could be VR goggles. It could be a control pad. It could be something else entirely!


Valve's first hardware beta starting by next year, wearable computing still far off [Engadget]

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This is exactly what happens when you have a company with no fucking management or production, you end up with goofy shit on peoples heads instead of games.