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Valve Sues Activision Over Sierra Monies

Illustration for article titled Valve Sues Activision Over Sierra Monies

Valve and Activision are doing the legal two-step, with the former suing the latter over royalties from a 2002 lawsuit against Sierra.


On April 6th of this year, Valve was awarded a $2,391,932 judgment against Activision as the result of a 2002 lawsuit against Sierra Online. The original lawsuit, which we reported on way back in 2004, involved Sierra distributing Valve software at cyber cafes, which led to Sierra preventing Valve from letting players unlock Half-Life 2 early. Speaking for gamers as a whole, Sierra totally deserved to lose if only for that fact. Having merged with Sierra parent Vivendi in 2008, Activision inherited the case and therefore the judgment.

They just don't want to pay the whole thing.

Citing previous overpayments of $424,136, Activision issued a check for $1,967,796, which is the judgment minus the supposed overpayments. Valve, understandably unhappy about this, filed a lawsuit on Tuesday in order to secure the full amount.


According to the lawsuit, Valve claims that Activision informed them that they would not pay the full amount, and would counter-sue if Valve took them back to court. Now Valve has done just that.

Valve is seeking the full amount of the original judgment, as well as a court declaration stating that Activision cannot pursue additional compensation based on agreements that have long since been terminated.

Now we grab some popcorn, kick back, and wait for Activision to counter-sue. Good times.

It's Ugly: Valve Sues Activision, Activision Threatens to Sue Valve [Game Politics]

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