​Valve Now Letting Users Flag Steam Tags as "Abusive" and "Spoiler"

The rollout of Steam Tags has been full of highs and lows. It seems like for every funny or useful tag attached to a game, there's been a lot more that are mean-spirited or judgmental. It's been called out as a major failing of the system. Now, Valve's looking to do something about it.


In an recent update post, Valve announced an update to the tagging beta that will let users report bad tags:

There is a new reporting option next to popular tags on game pages. You can click the flag icon to report a tag, which will downvote the tag. Right now there are four report reasons:

  • Offensive/abusive tag
  • Not appropriate for this product
  • Not a helpful tag
  • Spoiler

In general, tags need to be applied by more users before they will show on the popular tags section

"For You" / Recommended tags will only recommend tags that apply to multiple games

Fixed an issue where swear words would show unfiltered in some places

It's not clear what the steps past flagging and downvoting would be but presumably some kind of moderation will be culling bad tags from the system. Steam Tags is still in beta, remember, so it's good to see Valve responding so quickly to this issue.

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