Valve Not Even Bothering With The PS3 Any More

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Valve, Valve's boss Gabe Newell and the PlayStation 3 have a history. A history of not getting along. And it doesn't look like that's about to change any time soon.

Here's a little chit-chat the Valve head had with host Geoff Keighley on tonight's episode of GTTV:

Keighley: Are you guys working on PlayStation 3 here now, trying to understand it, trying to get better at it?

Gabe: Uh, no. Not in any real way.

There you have it. Not much wiggle room in that sentence.

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Miguel Alvarez

This is because Valve's too fucking lazy to actually learn how to program for the PS3. They want to do what's easy and stick with the 360 which is essentially a dumb PC. That's why Sony is having trouble maintaining loyalty with developers, they attempted to break the mold with the Cell Processor. The only way Sony can get games is if they hold the developers hands through the process and baby them...