Valve: No "Tiresome" Zombie Decapitating Mini-Games For Natal, Promise

Half-Life and Portal developer Valve won't be getting into the shitty mini-game business with the advent of Microsoft's Project Natal for the Xbox 360, at least not if Left 4 Dead lead Chet Faliszek has anything to do with it.

Despite expressing a fondness for the camera add-on, Faliszek tells CVG that Valve won't be slapping on motion activated head-sawing in, say, Left 4 Dead 3. Not sure if you were actually expecting that, but Chet's here to tell you it's not gonna happen. And that he's not the biggest fan of the party-game collection cashgrab.


"Don't just make sh*tty games I wouldn't want to play if I had to use a joystick," Faliszek said to CVG, offering little more than a "We'll see." in regard to Valve's own plans for the Xbox 360 add-on.

Valve slams 'sh*tty party games' [CVG]

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