Valve Knows They Keep You Waiting. There's Even an Amusing Chart About It.

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Nothing's worse than thinking you're going to get something cool at a certain time and finding out that there's going to be some sort of delay. Damn you, delays!


While other companies wouldn't own up to the amount of time they keep folks waiting, Valve is better than that. The developer of the Team Fortress, Half-Life and Portal games have cooked up a handy chart that compares the promised and actual delivery dates for various sorts of content. There's also a component that tracks when they've actually gotten stuff in ahead of their announced


To me, a grid like this shows that Valve has a sense of awareness and humor about the way that they're perceived. And for those keeping score at home, there's no mention of a certain sequel.

Valve Time

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I still to this day don't get (flame shields...ACTIVATE!) why people like Valve. Sure.. Half-Life is a pretty good game but the way people talk about it is like as if it was the "BEST THING EVA!" They're good games.. but not good enough to propel a company to god status.