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Valve is overhauling Steam broadcasting. After accidentally launching Steam TV on Friday, Valve has officially rolled out the platform for DOTA 2 and plans to do so for all games in the near future. Features include Steam chat integration, live event rewind, and annotations for moments like first blood in a DOTA match.


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If they can actually improve their streaming platform to where it doesn’t disconnect all the time, and get a decent latency, they have a real chance to make some headway on Twitch now that Amazon is worsening the deal over there.

I just remember being excited about Steam Broadcasting when they first announced it, and then in practice it was pretty much garbage. Streams were way behind, and even when friends were able to connect, they weren’t able to STAY connected, because the stream would suddenly drop. There was no problem using any other streaming service, so it was literally just Steam having issues.

Hopefully this Steam.TV relaunch is much improved. Game integration where you can mark important events in the stream timeline is a really cool idea.