Valve Has a Sweet New Portal Turret That Actually (Sort of) Works

Illustration for article titled Valve Has a Sweet New emPortal/em Turret That Actually (Sort of) Works

Valve artist Realm Lovejoy tweeted this video earlier in the week, saying "Look at what I helped unbox today at work". Which is a lot calmer than how I would've said it.


"Oh my GOD look at this just LOOK AT THIS" is all I'd be able to manage, before ducking behind a couch for cover. Just in case.

Realm Lovejoy [Twitter, via Venus Patrol]

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If I see anyone complaining that this doesn't fire any sort of ammunition then I will throw up. Seriously this is a physical, working, and talking, giant nerdgasm of the highest degree.

To anyone that complains about ANY PART of this amazing feet of engineering, go build your own 'working' version and shut up.

To the dude(s) that built this: you have put a huge smile on my face...and just before the release of Black Mesa. Today is a good day :)

How do we get one of these???