Valve Gives Away Portal 2 for Free to Teachers with 'Steam for Schools'

Illustration for article titled Valve Gives Away emPortal 2/em for Free to Teachers with Steam for Schools

If you've played games like Team Fortress 2 or the Portal titles, you know that Valve loves making players learn. The company's already got a foothold in bringing their games into the educational space and that commitment's going to get bigger.

Today, at the Games for Change conference, Valve's Leslie Redd and Yasser Malaika announced that they'll be giving away their hit game Portal 2 for free, via the new Steam for Schools initiative. After signing up for a beta, educators will be able to get the popular sequel, the recently launched Perpetual Testing Initiative level maker and sample levels. Students making levels won't be able to share levels outside of a physical classroom, though. For more info, head over to

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You know what?

Damn right teachers should be using PC games in school.

I have learned more, practical things in my time from just trying to get some games to work than I ever did in IT class.

It's immensely troubling when I see my friends struggling with even the most basic of tasks. Oh sure, they can use Word and Excel all right, but good luck with any of that when you're wondering if you really should have deleted System 32 or not.