Liveblogging Whatever Smart Stuff Gabe Newell Has to Say Today

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Valve Software chief Gabe Newell, a man who seems to always be ahead of the curve on everything happening in video games is speaking at New York University today. He's keynoting the Games For Change festival's Games For Learning Institute's keynote address.


Newell could be keynoting a crochet festival and we'd still be able to expect some gems. With expectations elevated, let's liveblog this thing!

Surely, he'll have as many interesting things about video games as Al Gore did?

(Gabe Newell pic via The Final Hours of Portal 2)

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Damn; Stephen should have taken my advice and started the Portal drinking game before he turned off comments.

I'm surprised that games like Metal Gear aren't invoked more often. With the enemy getting more complex and the tools at your disposal more varied, it's fun to see all the kinds of traps you can engineer.

I think that is something that Kojima should have capitalized a bit more instead of emphasizing gunplay and CQC.

Can you imagine how funny it would be if the traps reached Rube Goldberg proportions? Pull a lever and a playboy is dropped from the sky. Then, when the enemy troop bends down to inspect it, the explosive-charged door of a locker smashes him in the face, making him tumble backwards into a ditch; out of the sight of his comrades.