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Today's Team Fortress 2 update may have more to it than originally met the eye. A series of hidden update files reveals... well, we're not yet sure what the hell this stuff is alluding to, if anything at all.

While Valve's write up on the 18 new hats and single new Arena map stressed that the TF2 update was "classless," that hasn't stopped forum goers from reading heavily into the hidden files. There are four hidden pages—that we know of—none of which make any blunt points what could possibly be nestled into the new update.


Of course, that hasn't stopped members of the Steam forums from theorizing. With the Soldier, Engineer and Demoman still in need of a class update, Team Fortress 2 fans are combing through every word for hope of a mention of something.

There's chatter of weapons, of poison, of gun-mounted zeppelins, all in a fashion not unlike the Saxton Hale advertisements that accompanied the Spy update. If you feel like getting involved in all this speculative nonsense, we say go for it.

Hats, Barbary, Enigmatic & Advertisement [Team Fortress]

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